Home, Doctor and Tick Part 9


Home, Doctor and Tick Part 9

Oh, I am so very worn out. Just let me rest then we will talk about traveling again in a year or two.
Oh, I am so very worn out. Just let me rest then we will talk about traveling again in a year or two.

Tonight’s story is a little long, but please read every word. You will see that God is still in the miracle working business. But, Cali, is worn out. The 3000 mile trip took a told on all of us. Cali had be best Idea, take a long nap.

Cali also reminded me that I should of used a tube of her Frontline Plus…

 Grandma, you know I use it once a month... Don't people have frontline too...? Grandma you did not listen to me and you got a tick bite....
Grandma, you know I use it once a month… Don’t people have frontline too…? Grandma you did not listen to me and you got a tick bite….

Thank goodness we are home for a while, but I am still hurting at the back of my neck, just under the edge of my hair, and now a sore has come up where the tick was on my neck. You know, I think I better go to the doctor, because the head of the tick may still be in the place on my neck.

Bright and early on Wednesday I called and made an appointment to go to see my regular Family Physician, and of course they said come right on in, because you do not play with tick bites. So when I went in, the doctor looked at the place on my neck, and told me there was nothing in the sore, but he wanted to put me on an antibiotic anyway for precaution. He also did a complete blood workup on me to check for Lyme disease, and other infections that can be caused by a tick bite. They told me that they would call when the blood work was back, so I left the doctor’s office and went to the drug store, and got my prescription filled, and started taking it immediately. The next day, when I got up, I had two huge nodules that had appeared about an inch away from the bite, and they were really painful. So I decided to call my Surgeon, and let him look at the places, because if there was something still in the bite he would be the one to remove it. I went to my iPhone where my contacts are stored, and called the number for my surgeon. Boy, was I surprised when he answered the phone. I said, “you have surprised me because I did not expect you to answer your phone.” He replied, “this is my cell phone number.” I apologized, and then remembered when I was sick a few years ago, he gave me his number to call him at home, if I had to go to the emergency room. He was the one who wanted to see me, because he knew about all of my surgeries, since he performed all but two of them that I had experienced in the 4 year span, and he did not want me to deal with just anyone. I went ahead and explained why I was calling, and he told me to call his office and tell them he wanted to see me today. So I did, and they gave me an appointment for 2:00 pm. When I arrived, he looked at the place, and said it did not look like anything was still there, but it looked like I may have a bad infection, mostly because of the nodules that were swollen in the back of my neck. He agreed I needed to be put on an antibiotic, and I told him that my Family Physician from yesterday and already put me on one. He told me to continue to take it, and come back in a week for a recheck. He wanted to keep a close eye on it. He also told me that I had probably had the bite for about two weeks.

Why I did not find the tick before then beats me. See, I wash my hair everyday. Anyway, everything is in God’s timing.

Now remember, I just got home from a long trip, and now I have been to see two doctors in two days. I was so tired that when I left the surgeon’s office I went straight home, instead of going by the grocery store, which I had planned to do. Around 3:10 my phone rang, and it was my Family Physician’s office, calling me to tell me that my doctor wanted me to come back in the next day. I said, “okay, has my blood work come back?” She said, “he wants to recheck your tick bite, so can you come in at 10:20 am or 2:30 pm?” I told her I would be there for the 10:20 appointment. So again, I get up the third day in a row to go to the doctor’s office. When I arrived, I signed in, and the receptionist asked me what I was doing there. I told her it beats me, that they had called me to come back in to have my tick bite rechecked is all I know. Anyway, she checks me in, and then they call me back for the doctor to see me. When I got back, I had to sit in the hall, because all the rooms were full. Everyone around me was coughing, so I got up and walked away from them to the end of the row of chairs.

I noticed that a lady kept staring at me, so to be polite, I said, “it is a beautiful day today.” Bless her heart, she did not feel that way. She answered that she was tired of being sick. I told her that I had experienced a lot of surgeries in the last few years, and was bedridden for almost two years, but God touched and healed my body. Then I asked her if I could pray for her. She said, “oh yes,” so I went over, laid my hand on her shoulder, and said a simple, short prayer, asking God to touch her and heal her body. The second I said amen, the nurse called me into a room. When the doctor came in, he said, “why are you here?” I told him, “your office called me yesterday afternoon and told me you wanted to recheck my tick bite.” His answer was, ” I did not work yesterday afternoon.” By then I am wondering what is going on. I said, “maybe my blood work is in and the lab saw something.” He looked in my chart and informed me that the blood work was not back yet. Then he asked me to follow him to the lab, where he asked the lab technician if my blood work was back yet. They said they would look, so he told me to go wait in the lab waiting room, and he would come get me when they gave him the results.

I choose not to sit in that waiting room where everyone was coughing, but to sit around the corner on a bench. I picked up the book that I was reading, and all of a sudden I heard a voice say, “do you not know why you are here?” Oh my gracious! It was God talking to me! He told me to take my book mark, which had Women of God written on it, and to write my phone number and name on it, and give it to the lady I had prayed for earlier. So I asked the receptionist for a permanent marker, and did exactly what God was telling me to do. Then I walked around the corner, but did not see the lady, so I asked the nurse if the lady I prayed for was still in the building, and she said yes, so I asked her to give the lady the book mark as a prayer cloth. Then I went and sat back down and started reading my book again. I heard God say, “your time here today was appointed by me.” I thought, “oh my gracious!” Then I looked up, and the lady I prayed for and her daughter-in-law were walking to where I was sitting. I looked at her and said, “God told me to tell you that today was appointed by Him just for you. I told her everything about being called to come back to the doctor, then getting here and no one knows why I am here, including the doctor. I laughed and said, “They offered a morning appointment at 10:20 am, or an afternoon appointment at 2:30 pm, but I chose the morning appointment, which was odd, because I usually always make appointments for the afternoon.” Her daughter-in-law looked at me and said, “her appointment was for 2:30 this afternoon, but we called and changed it to 10:30 this morning. I just sat there. God never ceases to amaze me. Again, God said, “tell her this time was appointed by Him.” I said sweetie, I do not know why I am here. The doctor does not know why I am here. I choose an early appointment over an afternoon appointment. You called and changed your appointment from the afternoon to morning, so all I can tell you is God said to tell you this time was appointed by Him, for you. So, I want you to accept your healing from God now, In Jesus Name. She cried, her daughter-in-law cried, I cried, and we all were amazed at how God had used a tick bite to get me to the doctor to pray for her. I stressed to her over again how God had worked to get me back in the office to just pray for her. My doctor came around the corner and told me my blood work was fine. No problems. I said well, all I know is your office called me to come back in for you to check my tick bite again, and here I am. He just shook his head, and said make an appointment for a recheck in two weeks, and walked away. Now you ask, “how could all of this take place?” Only God knows. But for some reason, my chart got put in with the charts to call people back into the office. And when she called, I asked if my blood work back in, and all she could say is what she read on my chart that I had a tick bite. So I guess she figured that the doctor wanted to recheck the bite.

Yes, the doctor who did not even work the afternoon before. Another note; I probably got the tick while in Georgia. And the friends that I stayed over night with in Georgia, his wife has been sick for some time now, and she has been to several doctors, and they cannot find out what is wrong with her. When the doctor told me symptoms of tick bites, it was the exact symptoms she is having. I called her and asked her if she had been bitten by a tick recently, she informed me that she had had several tick bites. So now she is hopefully seeing a doctor who can help her now, and see if it is a tick bite that is causing her problems. So this tick bite story is two-fold.

Now folks, tell me that God is not still in the miracle working business. God still speaks to us, and all He wants is for us to be a willing vessel to do His work. So, I ask you today, “are you that vessel?” Important information: If you are bitten by a tick, please see your doctor. I also would like to let you know that the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine is now doing research on tick bites and humans. So, if your doctor needs any new information about the research they may call the College of Veterinary Medicine, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their web site is: www.cvm.ncsu.edu My local Veterinarian has informed me that that are more diseases from tick bites than just Lyme disease, and a lot of Physicians do not know this information.

Oh, yeah, I am spoiled
Oh, yeah, I am spoiled
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