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Are You Truly Able To Love and Commit To Others

Are You Truly Able To Love and Commit To Others
Author: Pat Aman

I laughed today as a friend said, “Pat, your devotions are changing. God and you have really been stepping on my toes. Am I going to have to wear my steel toes boot for awhile?”

My answer was, “Honey, God got me first, before you. There is not a devotional that God allows me to share that He has to stomp on my toes first.”

I have really been studying deep into God’s Word as it deals with everyday life. There are too many sugar coated sermons being preached and not enough, what does God’s Word say about life.

Studying for the devotion tonight, I have to asked myself,”Am I able to withstand everything that it takes to give and commit my life to others?”

Being committed to family, friends, children and life has to first start within yourself as a child of God. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot truly loves others. You will constantly doubt, criticize, and not fully realize that you are allowing Satan to cause a great division in your life.

There were several scriptures I could of chosen to use, but decided to share from 1 King 19

Elisha…took his yoke of oxen and slaughtered them…He set out to follow Elijah and became his servant. — 1 Kings 19:21

Let’s break this down. Elijah the prophet placed his cloak over the shoulders of Elisha a farmer. At God’s command, Elijah was asking Elisha to leave everything he knew, everything that he was comfy with and do the work of prophet for God’s people. Elisha was willing to be totally commented to Elijah. This was not a small request, and it would require a great commitment from Elisha.

The scriptures tell us that Elisha made his commitment clear. He brought an end to his old life by killing his oxen, burning the plow to cook the meat, and sharing it with his family and neighbors. They joined in as witnesses recognizing this change in his life. Elisha wanted to show God and everyone that he was fully committed to this new call and mentoring relationship. Trusting God as he went forward, Elisha did not look back.

Can we today do the same thing? Can we give a total commitment to what God is trying to do in our lives?

If we say yes, then we must be willing to be taught and redirected. And yes, it will require commitment to letting the Spirit work in our lives.

We cannot stop and look at the first journey in our lives. If we do, then this new journey, this new commitment is not going to work. We must look to God who is as the scripture says, “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭

Commitment to God and the people He places in our lives does not always demand a turn around, but it does require placing everything in God’s service. Taking a step of faith requires a full commitment.

Like Elisha, do you need to put away things from your past to be committed to being discipled by the Spirit?

Yes, you may! Until you release the passed, you cannot step into your future. You must let go of all the times people have hurt and disappointed you.

I will tell you now, they do not care. They are going on with their lives. So, do not let them be a yoke around your neck. It will slowly choke you to death.

As the scriptures share with us. God’s Word works to restore and renew our lives. He works to put us either on track or back on track to make us fruitful. Like Elijah, we too can easily find ourselves down, lonely, and discouraged, but the Lord is the God of all comfort and He has committed Himself to our renewal and restoration. But we need to make ourselves available to God’s direction for our renewal.

Just as Elijah first went to find Elisha who became an encouragement to the prophet.

We must let God renew us, restore us, so we can be committed to the people God beings to us to help us on our journey. For they will be encouragers to help us along the journey.

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Bible Verses: The New King James Bible


Do You Struggle With Accountability?

Do You Struggle With Accountability?

Author: Pat Aman

Galatians 6:1-5 Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.

First, I want to share just a little question and advice.

Let’s say, “you have a doctor’s appointment and you have decided you just do not want to go, how do you handle the phone call?” How much time before that call do you spend thinking of excuses to give?

Maybe, you have promised a friend your time, but you just do not have the time and have to cancel.

Even, you gave your word to someone that no matter what they can depend on you.

How you handle these situations is your accountability. Your accountability is not only to the person involved, but to yourself and too God.

I can hear you say now, “I try my best to live a life of accountability, but at times, I get so tired, because it seems I am being accountable and doing my part, but others, just seem to be using my goodness.”

Remember, you kept your life accountable to God, and let God do the work needed to show others what they need to do to be accountable to others.

Accountability should be a staple of your life. If you are truly a child of God, your life should be marked by accountability. If you are not able to to stand on your accountability you are letting not only God down, but everyone involved.

I myself needed to break an appointment a couple of years back. My youngest daughter was with me at the time. I made the phone call and started telling why I could not make the appointment. It was long and drawn out. After I hung up my daughter said, “Mom, why did you go into everything you talked about? All you had to do is say, I am calling to cancel. No excuses were needed”

Oh, my gracious, my daughter was telling me exactly what I taught her when she was growing up and under my care and teaching as her Mom. I did not need to explained. I just needed to call and say, “I will not be able to make my appointment.” 

If the appointment was needed to be made in the future, I could if said, “I need to cancel and will contact you at a later date to re-schedule.”

How many times do we make excuses when we just need to be exact to the point.

Now I do understand we all have true emergencies, but when you excuses to not stand on your word is broken, your accountability is discredited.

Poor or selfish accountability will greatly hurt you in the long run. In the here-and-now, it will drive a wedge between you and others around you. 

True accountability isn’t selfish. True accountability is concerned with the pursuit of holiness, not the relief of guilt or the justification of sin. 

We must learn how accountability is a true mirror of our lives. 

I myself have an accountability partner. We are able to speak our hearts in love. And we understand each other when we speak out of consideration st times. Why? Because we know each other’s heart.  So, you can say we have a healthy accountability. 

The hardest aspects of accountability are consistency and honesty. If you don’t consistently and honestly act in a Christian manner, you’ll find that you’re slowly  destroying your accountability as others view your life. 

Devotion Written By: Pastor Pat Aman Book © 1996/2019“Coffee With Pat Daily Devotionals Ministries and Christian Faith Publishers“


Faith and Honesty

Faith and Honesty
Author:Pat Aman

My husband and I have been watching the Kendrick brothers movies this weekend. We finished up tonight with Fly Wheel.

The entire movie is on honesty, faith and living and walking in the favor and blessings of God.

After watching Fly Wheel, I knew the devotion tonight had to be on the main qualities that were represented in this movie.

I am including several Bible verses for this devotional.

Why be honest? Why have faith?

When we are honest we are able to enjoy peace of mind and maintain self-respect for ourselves and our families.

It helps us to build strength of character, which allows us to be of service to Father God and others.

When we are trustworthy in the eyes of Our Father God, we will be sitting in the favor of our Father God.

Think about this, if we are dishonest in our words or actions, we not only hurt ourselves we also hurt others as well.

If we lie, steal, cheat, or neglect to give the full amount of work for our pay, we lose our self-respect.

We lose the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We may find that we have damaged relationships with family members and friends and that people no longer trust us.

Being honest often requires courage and sacrifice, especially when others try to persuade us to justify dishonest behavior.

If we find ourselves in such a situation, remember that the lasting peace that comes from being honest is more valuable than the momentary relief of following the crowd.

And our Father God will always have our backs. He will stand up for us. He will fight our battles, and justify our character if need to be.

When we are children of tFather God, we will never have to worry about our future.

Psalm 63: 1 You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water. 2 I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. 3 Because your love is better than life,my lips will glorify you.4 I will praise you as long as I live,and in your name I will lift up my hands.5 I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.6 On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. 7 Because you are my help,I sing in the shadow of your wings.8 I cling to you; your right hand upholds me. 9 Those who want to kill me will be destroyed; they will go down to the depths of the earth. 10 They will be given over to the sword and become food for jackals. 11 But the king will rejoice in God; all who swear by God will glory in him while the mouths of liars will be silenced.

Proverbs 12:22 – Lying lips [are] abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly [are] his delight.

John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Proverbs 19:1 – Better [is] the poor that walketh in his integrity, than [he that is] perverse in his lips, and is a fool.

2 Corinthians 8:21 – Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

1 Peter 3:10-12 – For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile:
Let him eschew evil, and do good; let him seek peace, and ensue it. For the eyes of the Lord [are] over the righteous, and his ears [are open] unto their prayers: but the face of the Lord [is] against them that do evil.

Philippians 4:8-9 – Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

Colossians 3:9 – Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;

Proverbs 11:3 – The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.

Matthew 5:37 – But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

Proverbs 16:13 – Righteous lips [are] the delight of kings; and they love him that speaketh right.

Luke 6:31 – And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Hebrews 13:18 – Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly.

Exodus 20:16 – Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

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Being Job is a … Job, When Trying To Have Patience

Being Job is a … Job, When Trying To Have Patience

Author: Pat Aman

Job 1:1

1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.

Job 42 1:13

42 Then Job answered the Lord, and said,

2 I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.

3 Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? therefore have I uttered that I understood not; things too wonderful for me, which I knew not.

4 Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak: I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.

5 I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

6 Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.

7 And it was so, that after the Lord had spoken these words unto Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.

8 Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job.

9 So Eliphaz the Temanite and Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite went, and did according as the Lord commanded them: the Lord also accepted Job.

10 And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

11 Then came there unto him all his brethren, and all his sisters, and all they that had been of his acquaintance before, and did eat bread with him in his house: and they bemoaned him, and comforted him over all the evil that the Lord had brought upon him: every man also gave him a piece of money, and every one an earring of gold.

12 So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning: for he had fourteen thousand sheep, and six thousand camels, and a thousand yoke of oxen, and a thousand she asses.

13 He had also seven sons and three daughters.

14 And he called the name of the first, Jemima; and the name of the second, Kezia; and the name of the third, Kerenhappuch.

15 And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job: and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren.

16 After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations.

17 So Job died, being old and full of days.

Trying to have the patience of Job is a job for sure. I am learning this right now, but a good friend of mine told me this week something I have forgotten. She said, “There is always a test before the testimony.

The last couple of months I have been a little under the weather, but I keep pushing forward. I have had several iron infusions and take weekly B-12 injections just to have the strength to move forward on some days. 

Most of you already know that I have had over seventeen surgeries since 1982. Science has told me several times that there is little hope, but God always seem to put me in the exact place I needed to be for the top earthly Physicians to use God’s Wisdom and Earthly Medicine to bring me through. 

There have been times if I had listened to the voices around me, I would of surely lost faith. But, those voices of condemnation, lies and death were defeated. God has more for me to continue to do for Him. 

I have had to forgive the ones who spoken death over me, by speaking life over them. 

In reading Job, I saw that God trusted Job enough to know that his servant would never fall away from Him.

When satan asked God to let him test the trueness of Job, God allowed him to test Job. But, God said you cannot take his life. But stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse you to your face. The LORD said to Satan, Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life (Job 2:5-6).

As we all know the story, Job lost everything he had, all but a big mouth wife and three good for nothing friends.

And in the end if Job had not prayed for his friends, and spoke blessing and forgiveness over  his friends, God would have taken wrath against them. But Job still have compassion on them, and pleaded to God for them.

God told Job’s friends, “8 Therefore take unto you now seven bullocks and seven rams, and go to my servant Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept: lest I deal with you after your folly, in that ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job.”

Job’s friends talk bad against Job and against God. But, Job was a Godly man and did not want harm to come to his friends.

Job said,”But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold,” 

Job 23:10.

Job was saying, My faith will be tried. 

How will I obey under extreme circumstances? Will I show love to my brethren even though they do not show love to me? 

The Lord allows that trial to try our faith so we have proof of the obedience of faith.

I will tell you now, sometimes my faith is not where is should be, but that does not stop me from seeking God, for I know He is the finisher of my faith.

I can hear you now, Pastor Pat you pray for people, do you not have the faith to know God will heal them?

Hey, I do what God tells me to do. I Pray. It is not my faith that makes a person hold, it is their faith and the grace of God above. I must be faithful to what God has call me to do. And yes, I know God heals and will continue to do miracles in our lives. And yes, I believe God’s Word is truth, and I have been healed.

And God has allowed me to pray for people and they were healed. 

God sent His Son Jesus to died on the cross for us. He died so we might live.

Jesus told us in John chapter 14 great promises and rules to follow.

John 14: 10 – 21

Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

11 Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works’ sake.

12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Jesus told us that He was leaving but He was leaving us a comforter, the Holy Spirit. He was adamant when He said, “you shall do the same things I shall do, but greater things shall you do in my name, so my Father in heaven will be glorified.”

He was giving us His Power of Attorney, yes, His POA to lay hands on one another and pray in Jesus Name, and whatever the need be would be accomplished in them.

Remember, not us doing it, we are just the vessel He is using to give honor and praise to His Father in Heaven. But we must be obedient.

I also know God is in control of our lives. That is why we have the book of Job, to show us that there are reasons for and purposes in these trials and sufferings that we do not see. Job could not see what was going on behind the scenes, and neither can we. And yet God knows. He has a purpose, and it is a proper and right purpose that will end up manifesting more fully the love and compassion of His heart. The test of every trial is always to this end.

And God will never leave or forsake you. He would not have allowed this path you are walking if He did not know you were strong enough to handle it. 

In other words He is kicking the old devil in the face and showing him that you are steadfast.

This should show you how important you are to God.

So, now I asked you this very important question?

Are you doing the job of Job?

It maybe hard, but the pay and benefits in the end will be worth it all. Just stand still and know God is God.

Job 42:12

So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning:

Blessings, Love and Prayers,

Pastor Pat Aman

Also, please know that:

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with Joy.

Philippians 1: 3-4

I end each message with “My Blessings, Love & Prayers,” I truly mean that, and I pray for each of you every morning and evening.

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You Are Your Children’s Mirror

You Are Your Children’s Mirror
Author: Pat Aman

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

I have spent the last couple of days with the two younger grandchildren.
I can tell they are developing their own individual personalities even though they are twins.

Asher is becoming an active 100% boy. If there is something to get into, he does. He loves the outside.

And Kyndal is going to be a prissy 100% girl, but one that does not mine getting her hands dirty. She loves dolls, tractors and animals.

Today, we went to the Tractor supply. Kyndal was acting like it was Christmas. If they had the Danrango Boots in her size, we would of left with boots on.

As parents and grandparents we need to be teaching our children about God. This is so someday they will be open to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking them. They need to understand the voice of God. Then when the Holy Spirit speaks to them they will believe in Jesus to save them from their sins.

As parents and grandparents we must guard their body, mind, soul, spirit and their hearts.

Until they reach the age of accountability, which is their understanding of Jesus, we are held accountable as friends, family, parents and grandparents for what is put into their lives.

I know today, I hit my arm on the bathroom cabinet. It started to bleed and I said, well, dog gone it.” In less than 30 minutes I hear Kyndal say, “well, dog gone it, ” when she could not get her fence to stand up around her barn set. I thought, “Pat, they are picking up what you say because they feel if Nina says it, it must be okay. “…

So we must keep training them in God, so that after they are saved, He can empower them to live for Him through the same Spirit.

If we do not tell them about God, the world will show them the world without God.

We must realize that children have different personalities at different stages of their life. This helps them, and gives us the opportunity to lead them in the right path of each stage.

And we much not put our own expectations on our children. Sometimes our expectations are set too high for the stage they may be going through. We just need to gently guide them, allowing them to not be afraid of their abilities.

We as loving parents and grandparents must not be afraid to discipline our children. Asher and Kyndal both know that Papa and Nina will discipline them, but they still love us and constantly want to come stay with us.

God created each child with a unique personality to live for Him.

Yes, it is important to broaden your child’s horizons but don’t try to make her (or him) into someone you want instead of someone who God created. As a parent, prayerfully ask God for wisdom in how to train your child according to how God created them.

As parents, to be able to train your child in the way he should go (God’s way), you need to first have a close relationship with your Heavenly Father. Children are like sponges, the do exactly what they hear and see us do.

Just remember, Proverbs 22:6 show us what we have learned about the words “train” and “way”. Training a child involves starting at birth and consistently dedicating that child by teaching him or her according to the way they ought to go, which is God’s way. This training involves progressively narrowing that child’s conduct away from evil and towards God, so when that child is grown she or he will not turn from Him.

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Growing Older Is Not What I Expected

Growing Older Is Not What I Expected
Author: Pat Aman
July 16, 2019

Psalm 71:18
Even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me.

Proverbs 16:31
There is honor involved in the aging process, because growing old is normally accompanied by increased wisdom and experience. “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life”

Nehemiah 8:10
“The Joy Of The Lord, Is Your Strength.”

Proverbs 17:22
“A Merry Heart Does Good, Like Medicine, But A Broken Spirit Dries The Bones.”

This is my prayer everyday. Lord, here I am, do not forsake me.

I was very active in my younger days, but, I feel that someone must of changed bodies with me along the way.

Yes, I have more faith and wisdom, but I also have a few more snap, crackles and pops. I also have had a few extra things added and a few taken away.

The old quote,”You are worth your weight in gold, has a completely new meaning.”

I have met people. Made friends, some good and some not so good.

I have gain a lot in my soon to be 66 years. Some things I would like to return.

I feel like that poem about the old women who sees several men a day in her golden years.

Old Folks
Author: Unknown

Old folks are worth a fortune,
with silver in their hair,
gold in their teeth,
stones in their kidneys,
lead in their feet and
gas in their stomachs..

I have become a lot more social
with the passing of the years,
some might even call me a frivolous old gal. I’m seeing five gentlemen every day!

As soon as I wake, Will Power
helps me get out of bed.
Then I go see John.
Then Charley Horse comes along,
and when he is here he takes a lot
of my time and attention!
When he leaves, Arthur Ritis shows
up and stays the rest of the day.
He doesn’t like to stay in one place very long, so he takes me from joint to joint!
After such a busy day,
I’m really tired and glad to go to bed,
with Ben Gay!

P.S. The preacher came to call the other day. He said that at my age I should be thinking about the hear-after. I told him I do, all the time.
No matter where I am,
in the kitchen or down in the basement, I ask myself, “Now what am I here after?”

Old age is a blessing from the Lord. We should never be afraid of aging.

We have confidence that we will be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our body may appear older, but our insides are being renewed daily. As elderly Christians never truly get old. You only get old when you stop seeking the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Isaiah 46:4 And I will still be carrying you when you are old. Your hair will turn gray, and I will still carry you. I made you, and I will carry you to safety.

Psalm 71:9 And now, in my old age, don’t set me aside. Don’t forsake me now when my strength is failing.

Old people we carry so much wisdom and they give great advice.

Job 12:12 Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old.

1 Kings 12:6 There were some older men who had helped Solomon make decisions when he was alive. So King Rehoboam asked these men what he should do. He said, “How do you think I should answer the people?”

Job 32:7 I thought, ‘Those who are older should speak, for wisdom comes with age.’

The godly continue to bear fruit and praise the Lord.

Psalm 92:12-14 But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of
Lebanon. For they are transplanted to the LORD’s own house. They flourish in the courts of our God. Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green. They will declare, “The LORD is just! He is my rock! There is no evil in him!”

So, yes, I might have a pain here, and a few extra hairs growing in all sorts of places.

But, I got a mirror and a pain of tweezers. And I will be okay. And you will too.

So, let’s laugh and enjoy life.

Let’s keep the younger generation on their toes. And one day they too will finally figure out why we were laughing and snickering at them when they think they already know it all.

We as older seniors have earned a hazmat suit. And it is covered in gold metals.

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Someone Needs To Get A Job

Someone Needs To Get A Job
Author: Pat Aman
July 14, 2019

My mama use to say, “if someone has time to cause mischief, they have to much time on their hands. Send them to me, I will put them to work.”

I myself, am almost to the point of not watching the news, and reading Facebook.

People must have to much time on their hands.

They are licking ice cream, items in doctors offices, and spitting in drinks and food.

I do not know what is going on in the world. People want to go viral. They want a fast dollar. It has become a circus.

And being polite, well that is another entire story. Adults are rude and teaching their children by their actions.

Get upset, and just cuss someone out. And to hear a child say yes ma’am, no sir, and not even have respect to address an elder properly, on my gracious.

And it is not just the non-churched, but people who call themselves God fearing children if God, talking so rudely, my heart hurts.

How can we expect to raise a generation of children and youth to obey God’s Word and live a life of wholesomeness, if we as adults are not living a Godly life, in front of our children.

People going to church does not make you a Christian, no more than sitting in your garage, makes you a car.

And being Baptize does not save you. Baptism is just an outside sign of an inner change. It is telling the world. I have been saved, and I am making a change in my life.

The only way to make sure if you see Heaven, is through the saving mercy, blood and grace of Jesus Christ. You must go by the cross.

So, Which Road of Life Will You Choose?

Choosing God’s Road Will Make The Rough Spots Easier To Walk.

Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.”

Romans 2:12, “For as many as have sinned without law will also perish without law, and as many as have sinned in the law will be judge by the law.”

Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”

Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin in death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 10: 8-13, 17, “But what does the scriptures say?’ The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the Scripture says, “Whosoever believes in Him will not be put to shame.” For there is no distinction between the Jew and the Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich to all who call upon Him. For whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

St. John 3: 16-17, ” For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”

II Corinthians 5: 17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold all things have become anew.”

II Corinthians 7:1, “Therefore having these promises beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in fear of God.”

If you have read the scriptures and you would like to ask Jesus to come into your heart, pray this prayer aloud with me.

Father God, I love you. The scriptures say with the heart I believe and with my mouth confession is made. Now, I repent of my sins and ask you to forgive me. Come into my heart right now and save me. I believe that you sent your Son Jesus, who died on the cross for me. His blood was shed for me, that I will now spend eternal life with you in Heaven. I believe that in three days Jesus arose from the dead to give me victory over my sins. I believe now that I am a new person, and all the things I did in the past is gone, to be remember no more. I thank you now for writing my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I thank you for saving my soul from the pits of hell. Now mold me into what you want me to be. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen and Amen

The one and only help for this generation is God. He is our only hope and refuge.

“This I recall to my mind, Therefore I have hope. Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly For the salvation of the LORD.”
‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:21-23, 25-26‬ ‭

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Chose Your Battles Carefully

Chose Your Battles Carefully
Author: Pat Aman

Isaiah 41:10-13
So, do not fear, for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I wi l l uphold you with my righteous right hand. “All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

“Choosing your battles will help you win the war. So, choose them in prayer. Quote: Pat Aman

Proverbs 26:17 “He who passes by and meddles in a quarrel not his own Is like one who takes a dog by the ears.”
When I read these two scriptures, I realize in the first one, God is saying, “Hey, why are you fighting this battle? I already have it covered.”
And the second scripture, I actually laughed, because only God would of had David say it so plain.

In others words. Why waste your time with non-sense?

Many times you may have inserted yourself into a situation that, looking back, you wish you would have never done. You may have never grabbed a dog by the ears, but you probably would guess that what would follow would not be good.

There are battles in life that you should get involved with and battles that you should not.

So choose your battles carefully. If you haven’t been invited to participate by all parties or it doesn’t directly affect you, you should pause.

Just maybe you need to step back and look at the situation in which you are about to get involved?

Is there a situation in which you are already involved that you may need to remove yourself?

Yes, we all find ourselves in those positions. Why? Because we jumped before we thought.

We face external and internal battles daily.

The examples below are just simple, but you will get the idea.

Example: This is a personal battle I had myself. Internal
“Pat, do you reach for the Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper, or a cold glass of water?”

My mind war…
Well, it is diet.
It is caffeine free.
It is just a soft drink, no sugar and no caffeine!
Let’s see ingredient’s:
Carbonated water
Caramel color
Phosphoric avid
Natural and Artificial flavors
Sodium benzoate

Now other choice….
Ingredient’s: water from a system, that family bought me which water goes through seven purification levels.

I know which one is healthy and healing, but, I do not always chose the correct one. Instead I fight a constant battle, I should not be fighting.

Drink the water, Pat!!!

Then let’s look at an external battle.

My husband works out of town 95% of the time. He eats out every night.
When he comes home, he wants a home cook meal.

Then here I am. I eat at home all the time, so, I want to go out to eat.

Now, this could be a big battle between the two of us. But, we have chosen our battle.

We chose to respect one another.

I cook most of the time for him when he is at home. I try to cook the good country foods he likes to enjoy.

But, we also go on a date night when he is home. He takes me out to eat for at lest for one special meal of my chose.

So, this next week, practice closing your battles. Whether, job, family, husband, wife, are children.

Asked yourself, is it worth my time, energy, are my emotional and spiritual peace of mine?

Then, step back and make the right choice.

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Don’t Get Constipated

Don’t Get Constipated
Author: Pat Aman…

I made a statement to a friend yesterday, that sometimes we get full of IT!

That we sometimes need to take a good dose of laxative. In other words a laxative from the word of God.

When we do this He will stir our insides around and everything will soon work out. Then we are cleaned out and feel a lot better about our circumstances.

(Psalm 51:10-13) says, “Create in me a clean heart O God. And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners shall be converted to You.”

This scripture says a lot. Sometimes when we get so bedded down with life, we need a good working out from the Lord.

Now you know what I mean. When we get well, I just going to say it, constipated we feel miserable. We take some medication and we get worked out and we feel better.

There are times in our life, we think that we are in control. We can handle everything ourselves. We do not need God to help us solve our problems and troubles.

How many times have you prayed for God to take care of a circumstances, then the minute you say Amen to your prayer, you know the prayer you ask God to handle it.

You then get up off your knees and try to tell God how it needs to be handled. You start worrying about it. You have picked the situation back up into your hands and taken it back from God.

When we do this, we soon become unhappy. We become stressed. We become constipated. That is when we need to get in the word and down on our knees and take a good dose of God’s laxative. Then when He works it out, we will feel a lot better. Not so bloated and making ourselves and everyone around us miserable.

Today, take the time to pray and read the word and see all the (crap) God will bring out of you as you empty yourself in Him. He can take it and nothing we do smells to strong for him.

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America Strong

America Strong
Author: Pat Aman…

America lost its innocence. After Pearl Harbor was attacked, the country of Japan knew that they had made a mistake. The Emperor of Japan said,” I am afraid that we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Today, again, this sleeping giant needs to be awakened.

Americans are fighting among themselves. We are killing each other.

We must seek God and His ways.

The Bible says that we are held accountable for our treatment of our brothers and sisters (blood and spiritual).

God expects us to demonstrate a forgiving and expressive love to those who have wronged us.

(Romans 12:19-21) says, “Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”, says the Lord. “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

In Genesis 4:9, when Cain killed Abel, God cursed Cain for what he had done. God will take of our enemies if we will follow in His path of righteousness.

We also need to stop and think about America. Are we as Americans following the path of righteousness? Are we living a godly life?

(2 Chronicles 7:14) says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

(Jeremiah 24:6-7) say, “For I will set my eyes on them for good, and I will bring them back to this land; I will build them and not pull them down; and I will plant them and not pluck them up. The I will give them a heart to know Me, that I am the Lord; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God, for they shall return to Me with their whole heart.”

There needs to be a spiritual Revival in America.

We need to make sure that we personally know God as our personal Savior.

In the book of Revelations we read about the things to come. Wars and rumors of wars. We just need to make sure we are ready to meet God when He gets ready to call us home.

The Flag-The Red, White and Blue
Written By: Rev. Patricia Aman
Copyright 2000

As I look at the American flag through my classroom window do I really see freedom? I see red stripes that stand for the blood that was lost in wars to give me my freedom. I look at the blue field that is the foundation of the stars, which stand for loyalty to our country, and I see white stripes in which stands for purity and a sinless country. The stars are shining states leading the world in peace, yes freedom.

But then behind a cloudy glaze I see something else. I see fifty stars not shining so bright. America has lost its shine. We have more violence than any other country its size in the world. Our schoolyards are full of guns and violence and bloodshed, not blood shed in freedom, but in violence. Even with our unlimited technology and our great scientific minds we have nearly half of our children graduating school with a below level I.Q.

Could all this be happening to our children because we have allowed discipline, prayer and the Bible to be removed from our homes and schools?

Our fore Fathers fought and shed their blood so we could have freedom. Was it all in vain?

So now as I look at the red stripes, they are getting redder with the blood of our children, it makes me want to cry. When I look at the white stripes I see drugs, pornography, killings, babies having babies, rape, incest, and hatred. Yes a country that is not sinless. I see so much sin that the white stars are slowly fading into a dingy yellow. And the blue field holding the stars the foundation is starting to lose its strength and does not stand for loyalty anymore. People are fighting each other. And for a certain dollar amount you can have someone murdered who gets in your way.

People are only so called loyal to themselves. Not to any one else and not to their country. Everyone is doing his or her own thing. No one works together anymore. Where is the loyalty in American? And where is that freedom as Old Glory waves high in the sky her head bowed low in shame. American lets stand up and take America back for our children. Let us stop anyone who stands in our way of freedom, whether it be freedom of speech, religion, life, liberty are the pursuit of happiness. Lets tell the devil and every evil occult that tries to lead our children away that we will not let you kill our children.

Parents reach down and grab your children from this horrible place we have allowed them to grow up. It is not to late for America. Lets put the Bible, prayer and discipline back in our homes and schools.

Parents begin at home by being an example to your children. Let them know they can live in a wonderful place and can succeed and grow and that there is a better way of life. A place that they will not have to be afraid anymore. Tell them about the once lost America.

Then they can stand up proudly and say, I am an American. I will fight for my country. I want my freedom and rights back and I will as my fore Fathers give my life to have it.

Then as we say the words I Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, of the United States of American, and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, Old Glory will again hold her head up and we can look up as she waves high in the sky and say I am Proud too be an American.

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