Take Father God’s Hand

Take Father God’s Hand
Author: Pat AH Aman

(Isaiah 41:10) says, “Fear thou not; For I am with thee…. I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee…”

Give Me My Doll Back NOW!!!!!

I recall reading a story, about a little girl whose older brother, was teasing her and took her doll. She screamed give me my doll back. But to no avail, the older brother ran with her doll. She continue running after him and screaming, give me my doll. The all of a sudden her daddy drove up in the yard. She ran to her dad, took him by the hand and went to
where her brother was. Then holding her dad’s hand, she looked at her brother and said, ” GIVE ME MY DOLL!” Her brother thrust the doll into her hands instantly.

This story made me think, if we are facing something that requires more strength and courage and coping ability than we feel we have, take heart.

Even in the most turbulent storms of our lives, we can run to our Father God, take Him by the hand, and He will lift us up. He will give us the strength to face the most difficult times in our lives.

I know that there are times when satan tries to steal our joy, peace, contentment and love, but when these times come, just grab Father God by the hand and take Him with you to face satan. Then in the strength of your Father God, just tell satan he must give back to you in Jesus Name what he has tried to steal from you. Remember, our, Father God, is right beside us, holding our hand. So, satan has to let go of our life.

Again, remember, we just need to scream at satan and tell him to give us

“When satan comes knocking at your door, just ask Jesus to answer the door
for you.”

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