Things are Not Always as They Seem To Be…

Things are Not Always as They Seem To Be…
Author: Patricia Aman..

Two of Jesus’ followers were discussing their disappointment, after His crucifixion. They did not realize that their questioner was Christ Himself:

“That same day two of them were walking to the village Emmaus, about seven miles out of Jerusalem. They were deep in conversation, going over all these things that had happened. In the middle of their talk and questions, Jesus came up and walked along with them. But they were not able to recognize who he was. He asked, “What’s this you’re discussing so intently as you walk along?” They just stood there, long-faced, like they had lost their best friend. Then one of them, his name was Cleopas, said, “Are you the only one in Jerusalem who hasn’t heard what’s happened during the last few days?” He said, “What has happened?” They said, “The things that happened to Jesus the Nazarene. He was a man of God, a prophet, dynamic in work and word, blessed by both God and all the people. Then our high priests and leaders betrayed him, got him sentenced to death, and crucified him. And we had our hopes up that he was the One, the One about to deliver Israel. And it is now the third day since it happened. But now some of our women have completely confused us. Early this morning they were at the tomb and couldn’t find his body. They came back with the story that they had seen a vision of angels who said he was alive. Some of our friends went off to the tomb to check and found it empty just as the women said, but they didn’t see Jesus.” Then he said to them, “So thick-headed! So slow-hearted! Why can’t you simply believe all that the prophets said? Don’t you see that these things had to happen, that the Messiah had to suffer and only then enter into his glory?” Then he started at the beginning, with the Books of Moses, and went on through all the Prophets, pointing out everything in the Scriptures that referred to him. They came to the edge of the village where they were headed. He acted as if he were going on but they pressed him: “Stay and have supper with us. It’s nearly evening; the day is done.” So he went in with them. And here is what happened: He sat down at the table with them. Taking the bread, he blessed and broke and gave it to them. At that moment, open-eyed, wide-eyed, they recognized him. And then he disappeared. Back and forth they talked. “Didn’t we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us?””
‭‭Luke‬ ‭24‬:‭13‬-‭32‬ ‭
Scripture from The Message

Their hopes and dreams were crushed. They had believed Jesus was to be a political Messiah, and now that was not possible. As many times as He had directed their minds to a Heavenly perspective, they just didn’t get it. They thought it was all over. In actuality, something more crucial was happening here. The death of Christ, and His subsequent resurrection, procured for us the salvation we could never achieve on our own. Because of Christ’s conquering sin and the grave, those who believe in Him as Savior can spend eternity, forever with God. What appeared to be a bleak moment, became the turning point of history, irrevocably changing
two worlds, both this earthly one and the one that lasts forever.

Maybe you are going through a dark phase in your life. Right now you can see no purpose, no hope, no light. But even though we can’t always see the whole picture, Father God can. Father God sees everything, He is in control and He loves you very much. He can bring a glorious Sunday out of any “Good Friday” that we face.

Just maybe you and me as well, needs to really trust in our Father God. Not only through the most arduous times we face, but, every second of our lives. See, Father God can and will help us nenes our hope in Him. Hope that can bring good both now and eternally, out of even our most painful experiences.

And He will if we just let Him.

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