“Jesus Walk To Calvary”

“Jesus Walk To Calvary”
Author: Pat Aman

Jesus Gave His Life For You And Me,
On Golgotha Hill, For All To See.
He Prayed “Not My Will, But Thine Be Done” In Gethsemane, God Heard The Prayers Of His Only Son.

Then He Walked That Lonely Road To Calvary, And Carried A Heavy Cross In Agony.

They Placed A Crown Of Thorns On His Head, And Rusty Nails Pierced His Precious Hands.

They Laughed At Him,
And Spit In His Face.
Just Because Of Us,
And Our Sinful State.

They Thrust A Sword Into His Side,
And The Blood Ran Down The Cross,
As His Mother Stood By. The Tears On Her Face She Could Not Hide,
For She Knew Her Son Was About To Die.

Then He Looked Up To His Father In Heaven, And Whispered The Words, “Let Their Sins Be Forgiven. Forgive Them Father, For They Know Not What They Do. For It Is For Your Children, That This I Must Now Go Through.”

Then The Clouds Turned Black,
And The Earth Begin To Shake. As He Took His Last Breath, These Words He Spake. He Said, “It Is Finished,
And I Commend My Soul To Thee,
Now Your Children Can Live For Eternity.”

Then Jesus Bowed His Head And Died,
So He Could Go To Heaven, To Sit At His Father’s Right Side.

And Then They Took Him Down From That Old Rugged Cross, And Wrapped In Him A Burial Cloth, And Placed Him In A Borrowed Tomb, Yet They Did Not Realize, As Jesus Knew, He Would Only Need It For A Day Or Two.

For On That Third Day, The Stone Would Be Rolled Away, Because Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Would Defeat Death And The Grave.

Now Satan and His Demons Are Under Our Feet, For Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Has Made It All Complete.

And Just As He Promised, He Is Coming Back, To Carry His Children Away.

So You Better Be Ready My Friend,
For It Could Be This Very Day. And Then We Will Live Forever More, On Heaven’s Bright and Beautilful Shore.

Written By: Rev. Pat Aman
Copyright March 27, 2006
All Rights Reserved
Devotion Written By: Pastor Pat Aman Book © 1996/2022 “Coffee With Pat Daily Devotionals” “Coffee With A Little Spice Of Life” and Westbow Press a division of © Thomas Nelson and Library of Congress Control Number: 2018910976……….

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