A Cold Stale Cup Of Coffee

A Cold Stale Cup Of Coffee
Author: Pat Aman

I was in the grocery store a few days ago, and I was looking at all the flavors of coffee creamer they have to sale. There is Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Mocha, Vanilla, on and on.

Now I do not like my coffee black, but it does not matter because I add my coffee to my protein powder each morning.

I like a little flavor with my coffee.
And I like a little flavor in my life.

I really like to drink coffee with a friend or couple of friends because you can laugh, talk and let them keep filling that cup of coffee and your cup of life with the pleasure of friendship.

And as long as you sit there, the hostess will keep pouring more into that cup, until you are overflowing.

You know that is why we need to talk to God everyday and read His word. When we do He will always puts more favor in our life. He will just keep filling that cup with more and more of His love, His thoughts, His wisdom, filling us with the Holy Spirit, and every blessing He has to pour into our cup. He adds all kinds of flavor.

2 Timothy 2:15″ Study to show yourself approve a workman that be not afraid”
When you study God’s word, you will be overflowing in Him. overflowing so much, until you have to go share it with someone else.

When you are overflowing with God, then there is no room for satan and his demons to try to move in.

We need to also gather together with God’s people. Going to church is important. It also puts flavor in our lives.

Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Being together with others help stir up love and the works of God in our lives. When we stay alone and by ourselves we grow weak, and the problems of life overwhelm us. That is when satan will try to put all manner of thoughts in our mind.

This is hard for Joe and I since I am an Ordained Minister/Evangelist.

We miss attending and fellowshipping with our home church so often because of us traveling sharing the Word of God with others. But we do get filled with the blessings of meeting so many people and sharing God Word with them.

When my mama was alive she and my sister would go to several churches. They would go to the Methodist Church on Sunday for the 8:30 service, then to the Baptist Church where they are members for Sunday School and the main church service. And they also attended the Assemblies of God for revivals, singings, and special service.

Now they were not church jumping. They just enjoy getting the flavor of all God’s people.

It did not matter the denominational name as long as it was a Bible believing church.

See, it does not matter what religion you chose to call yourself, just as long as you can call yourself a Christian.
There will be NO denominations in Heaven.

I have a quote that I quote often,

“When you leave this world, that denominational tag you wear on your lapel will either fly off as you go up, or burn off, on the way down.” Pat Aman

Please where ever you decide to call your church home, JUST do it.

Gather together with God’s people. And let your cup overflow with the love of God.

I asked you today, did you have coffee with God? Did you get your coffee cup (Spirit) filled and renewed up with new flavors?

You cannot pour (give) out what you do not have inside of you. You must seek God daily so you can get refreshed and renewed. Nothing is as bad as a stale or cold cup of coffee (christian).

And nothing is as bad as someone who calls themselves a Christian yet never seeks God. They are just a old cold stale cup of coffee.

Someone is hurting today and they need to see Jesus in you.

So seek God and let Him pour into your coffee cup (soul) a manna of fresh steaming wisdom, knowledge, understanding, commonsense, grace, mercy and hope. Get refreshed today.

Sit and stay awhile with Him, and I promise you that you will feel refreshed and renewed.

Devotion Written By: Pastor Pat Aman Book © 1996/2020 “Coffee With Pat Daily Devotionals” (Coffee With A Little Spice Of Life) and Westbow Press a division of Thomas Nelson and Library of Congress Control Number: 2018910976

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