There Is Only One Of Me!

Have you ever felt like there needed to be three of you. I think that is how I have felt since March.

I have been so busy, that I am beginning to wonder, do I still have a bed at my house? I would love to find out.

Someone said to me this week,”how do you have the time to study and prepare devotions?”

Answer: I take the time. If I did not take the time to spend with my Father God, my life would be in turmoil.

Yes, there are times like today when devotions maybe repeated. But, that is when I feel maybe someone, yes, even myself needs to read it again.

Remember, without your time with Father God, would be like not taking a bath for days. You would begin to stink bad.

Author: Pat Aman

(Isaiah 9:2) says, “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death upon them hath the light shines.”

John 3 tells us that Nicodemus first came to Jesus under the cover of darkness, a questioner: “Who are you really? How can a man be born again?” Jesus answered his questions, and raised more. But John does not say that Nicodemus believed.

Perhaps he mulled the questions and answers over, for John 7 tells us he defended Jesus when other Pharisees accused him: “Does our law judge a man without first giving him a hearing and learning what he does?” But John still does not say he believed.

Then, unexpectedly, John 19 shows Nicodemus performing an act of great faith. When Joseph of Arimathes took Jesus’ body down from the cross, Nicodemus came with expensive spices and helped anoint the body for burial.

According to Hebrew law this made him unclean, he could not celebrate Passover. Further, it publicly identified him with Jesus when even the disciples had fled.

I wonder when Nicodemus decided to believe in Jesus, in a blinding moment, or by a slow process of growth?

John’s way of telling the story of Nicodemus shows me that when we first believe is not what really matters. What matters is that we, like Nicodemus, finally arrive at Jesus, to offer our wealth, our reputation and our service.

Judging people is a fault in this world today. People read the papers, watch TV, the internet, and of course the gossiping mouths and believe everything without seeking the truth.

I feel that we do not need to judge someone until we walk in their shoes. Maybe even meet with the person that we are judging and find the true facts about the story. Then we would learned the truth as well as find out that the person is doing greater things in the community that is helping people.

So before you judge someone, remember God tell us that we should not judge our brother and sister, but lift them up in the Holy Love of God. Remember one day you may fall, and it just may be the person you have judged and torn down, that will be there to lift you up.

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