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Monday morning, and for a few days, I will have eight paws and two shadows following me around…. I am doggy sitting for our youngest daughter. Our Cali is usually right under me, but today she and Rosie are watching my every move…💜🐾💜🐾💜🐾💜🐾💜

Let Faith Works Come Alive In You
Author: Pat Aman…

(Haggai 2:23) says, “ In that day, says the Lord of hosts, I will take you, Zerubbabel, My servant the son of Shealtiel, says the Lord and will make you like a signet ring, for I have chosen you, says the Lord of Hosts.”

Zerubbabel was precious to God. God gave the example of a signet ring, because a signet ring represented an article of special value to its owner.

Zerubbabel’s name remains recorded for all to see as a sign of the special place granted him by God, for he is listed in the genealogies of our Lord Jesus. Zerubbabel let the Holy Spirit bring Faith’s works alive in him. He sought God and trusted God to provide for all his needs. He made God a priority in his life.

We must as Zerubbabel trust God and not our own wants and wishes.

I asked you this, which I know you have heard before, “want to see God laugh, tell Him your agenda.” Our agenda is not always God agenda for our lives. And I will tell you now, I prefer God’s agenda over mine. With God’s showing me the way I will never fall flat on my face, but with me doing anything my way, I will definitely fall on my face right into the middle of a cow pasture, just where a cow has been walking around and probably taking care of some business. I have found out that when we are not following God’s direction for our lives we will be having to face then same old stuff and going through the same things, over and over again. I do not know about you, but I got tired of going through. I was ready to cross over Jordon River and stop daggling my feet in the water.

I learned how to let Faith Works come alive in my life. So today I am telling you that you need to have faith to know that God knows what He is doing. He never fails. We need to remember we are God’s children and precious to God. He cares for us and wants His best for us. Not our best, but His best. We need to let Faith Works come alive in us.

The challenge to faith is the same in every generation; seek first the things of God and trust Him to provide the daily necessities of life. The glorification of any work we pursue comes by the presence of God in it. God calls us to commit what we are, what we have and all that we do to Him. Make the work of God a priority, both with your time and with your money. Understand that it is the presence of Jesus that produces glory. Choose to believe and reckon as true that we turn from selfish ambition and personal agenda to focus on advancing God’s kingdom, He will bless us toward that end.

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