Will You Pass Are Failed

Will You Pass are Fail?
Author: Pastor Pat Aman

“1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” -Hebrews 11:1

In Hebrews 11, we see the words confidence, hope, and assurance,

Monday a week ago I put all three of these words totally in God’s hands.

I have been losing weight lately. Not trying, but just staying busy and on the run.

Anyway, my engagement ring and wedding band have become loose on my finger. I actually woke up a few weeks ago and started to make the bed and my engagement ring was laying by my pillow.

But that Monday I got up and dressed and when I set down to put my shoes on, I saw my engagement ring was not on my hand. I went to the bedroom and removed every sheet, blanket, and spread, so sure that is where my ring would be located. But, I did not find it. I searched on the floor. Walked around every room I had been in, but no ring was to be found.

I went and set at my desk and started praying. All of a sudden I said, “God, yes the ring is important to me, but it is just a material thing. Joe and I have been married 41 years at that time and with a engagement ring, or without a ring we are still happily married.

If you want me to find the ring, I have the confidence, hope, and assurance, in You that I will find it. But, it you feel that I do not need the ring for some reason, Your will be done.”

Afterwards I decided I needed to run a few errands, so I put my shoes on, grabbed my purse and went and got in the car.

I had not even thought about the ring anymore. See, the ring was not important. It was just a material item.

I truly was surprised at how I was not even consumed, concerned or thought about it totally at all. I was at peace.

Anyway, I got in the car and as I was putting my seatbelt on I saw my engagement ring laying in the middle of the passengers seat.

I then remembered that Joe and I had gone out to eat the night before and maybe when I unfasten my seatbelt to get out of the car, it came off my finger.

The amazing thing is it was lying in the middle of the seat and did not fall between the seats as I unfasten my seatbelt.

I picked it up and thanked God that He allowed me to find it.

Then, as clear as anyone talking to me I heard a voice say, “Pat, my daughter, you showed me that your love for your husband and your love and faith in Me, was more important than a material item, like your engagement ring. My daughter it shows me that I am first in your life. And I am pleased.”

Friends, I just cried. Not over finding the ring, that was just an extra bonus. But, I had passed the test my teacher Father God had allowed me to take.

Remember, what consumes you, controls you. It can put you in chains of bondage.

So, I asked you today. What mark will you make on the test you maybe going through?

Will you pass or failed?

When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is…Remember the teacher is always always quite during the test.

Sometimes when you wonder why you can’t hear God’s voice during your trials, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.

BUT, the teacher never leaves the room. The teacher is constantly walking around the room protecting their students.

Blessings, Love and Prayers,
Pastor Pat Aman

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